Meet Reshma Shah, founder of RYS Hair and Beauty


Kenyan born Reshma Shah founded RYS Hair and Beauty with a vision to elevate the salon experience to the next level.

With opulent surroundings, a cutting-edge treatment menu and the very latest technology to ensure superior results, Reshma’s passion for excellence is evident in even the smallest of details. Her foresight and previous experiences in the industry drive RYS Hair and Beauty forward and set it apart as the benchmark for pampering in nation’s capital.

Reshma spent her formative years in Tanzania before eventually travelling to the UK to begin her academic career at boarding school. Even at that young age, Reshma already understood the value of excellent customer service.

After graduating from the London College of Fashion with an honours degree in fashion design, she took up a post as a fashion buyer. This role allowed her to combine her love of travel with keeping her finger firmly on the pulse of catwalks and fashion houses across the globe.

During this period in her life, Reshma experienced the best of luxury accommodation, products and unrivalled service by international brands and bespoke venues, and this began to form a series of unforgettable experiences that she knew she wanted to replicate and enhance in her own business setting in the future.

These experiences also provided Reshma with an appreciation of quality interior design, fine art, styling and a healthy lifestyle which is something that she has used as a motivation and inspiration to create the unique salon that is RYS.

Customer service as a ritual, not an afterthought

Embedding these interests and life experiences into her business, Reshma sees customer service as a ritual, not an afterthought. By pioneering the customer comes first theology at RYS Hair and Beauty, a salon centred revolution that champions the role of the customer at the heart of the business has taken place.

By creating a salon experience where attention to detail is the norm, quality hair and beauty products are as standard and personalised hair conditioning treatments are prescribed to suit the unique needs of each and every client, the RYS team has steadily built a reputation for hair and beauty excellence in the heart of the city.

An opulent escape from city life

A serene escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life, Reshma took her experiences of high-end travel and incorporated above and beyond services into the RYS ethos, with a full concierge and chauffeur service plus personalised fashion styling opportunities made available for all clients.

From the comfort of her luxurious London salon, Reshma has been able to gain the loyalty of her clients by her willingness to tailor the services offered at RYS to their busy lifestyles, with every facet and need catered to by her experienced and professional team of stylists, beauty experts and senior Russian nail technicians.

A revolution in hair and beauty

Still maintaining an interest in the ever-evolving wants, needs and expectations of her clients, Reshma Shah has successfully identified the shift in the relationship between customers and providers of hair and beauty services.

No longer satisfied with having their needs dictated to them by a rigid menu of services, clients are now firmly at the forefront at the client-led offerings provided by RYS. With more services and new products entering the beauty and hair market on an almost daily basis, clients are now in complete control of what they want to achieve and how they receive their treatments to help them reach their beauty and wellbeing goals.

Driven by both information and emotion, biotechnology is leading the way in beauty and haircare trends with new technology and vegan offerings creating an appetite for new and more ethically minded hair and beauty. By adopting these ethical principles, Reshma is able to support the eco-ethical and environmentally friendly desires of all clients by selecting quality brands such as Oribe and Nashi which embody the same set of beliefs.

A professional team which champions self-expression

The most valuable asset of RYS is the team of highly qualified, professional and creative stylists, beauty therapists and Russian nail technicians which Reshma has built. As a collective, RYS Hair and Beauty understands the benefit of self-expression through hair and beauty.

By understanding the unique set of needs and wants of each client who passes through the doors of RYS, Reshma’s team nurtures relationships based on understanding and an insight into how every individual seeks to convey their personality through hair and beauty.

From recalling a favourite nail shade to hairstyling technique preferences, the RYS team has a unique skill set that allows us to get closer to our clients with a full VIP experience that will leave them feeling like a million dollars.

Reshma is also proud to have acquired members of the royal family as clients both here in the UK and overseas, though every customer is assured of recieving the same excellent care and customer service regardless of whether they live around the corner from the salon or in a far-flung palace.

Meaningful customer communication is something that Reshma has sought to instil in each member of her team, and the fact that many reach out to discuss the best hair care products and beauty rituals to suit clients is testament to her success in delivering superior service.

With the help and support of this team, Reshma hopes to expand the offerings of RYS Hair and Beauty globally in the near future.

Socially conscious services that give something back

Reshma fully appreciates that her business would be nothing without the love and loyalty of her clients, so the RYS team is truly humbled to be able to work with charitable organisations including the Royal Marsden Cancer Research Hospital and Help the Aged UK as part of a wider mission to support local people in need of a self-confidence boost.

By offering complimentary hair and beauty services for those battling cancer and improving the confidence of elderly residents nearby with compassionate, caring and professional beauty and hair services, RYS is proud to be able to give something back to a community that has been so supportive.