The team

Meet our team of truly talented artisans whom we appointed for their passion and dedication in their field of hair and beauty. We believe that good service and success at RYS comes from their commitment and unconditional willingness to be the greatest skilled professional.

We value and respect our growing team at RYS.

Rys Hair and Beauty Salon Chelsea
  • Tolga

    Senior Stylist/Colourist

    Tolga is a senior member of the RYS team with over 20 years experience in the industry. Being a stylist and colourist he works with both men’s and ladies hair, meeting every hairdressing requirement.

    Tolga’s long lasting blow dries has gained him a loyal client following and he can tame the most difficult hair with bespoke keratin and hair conditioning treatments.

  • Murat at RYS Hair and Beauty styling garden


    Stylist and Colourist

    Murat has joined RYS’s team and has been in hairdressing for 14 years. Being both a stylist and a colourist, and working equally well with both men's and ladies' hair, Murat is able to meet every hairdressing need. He is renowned for his ability to work to a tight time schedule. From versatile blow-dries to specialised hair straightening and conditioning treatments, Murat can transform any type of hair whilst maintaining his very high standards.

    Murat’s commitment to every client receiving 100% satisfaction is his passion, which has already gained him a loyal clientele.

  • Aline

    Salon Floor Supervisor & Receptionist

    Aline started her career in hairdressing at RYS over three years ago. Having worked as Yilmaz’s assistant she has immense knowledge about salon etiquette, hair care products and various treatments offered in the salon. Aline’s attention to detail in providing the best customer service makes the clients very comfortable and at home.

  • Brows by Prital at RYS


    HD Brow, LVL Lashes, Microblading

    With over 11 years experience within the industry, Prital has worked in all major luxury stores - Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty, Harvey Nichols. Her loyal clientele includes Royals, Hollywood and Bollywood icons.

  • Ben - assistant at RYS Hair and Beauty


    Junior Stylist

    Ben recently joined our team at RYS and is training under Yilmaz to become a stylist. His exceptional head massage technique at the backwash and ever green positive energy have made him the star of the salon.

  • Oksana

    Senior Russian Nail Technician

    Oksana opened the nail zone at RYS over 5 years ago. Having over 17 years experience in the nail industry Oksana has a large client following and due to her impeccable professional expertise in any type of manicure or pedicure. Clients who have been served by Oksana become her devoted fan.

  • Mari

    Senior Nail Technician and Makeup Artist

    Mari has brought in depth knowledge of medical pedicures and has experience working in Moscow for very high end nail salon.
    True artist she has a natural flair and aesthetic good eye in makeup whatever the occasion.

    Mari’s bubbly personality and friendly nature always keeps clients and the team entertained.

  • Natalia - nail technician at RYS Hair and Beauty


    Senior Nail Technician

    Natalia originally trained in Ukraine to a very high standard and has been in the nail industry for over 15 years. Her skills lie in gel extensions, gel polish and classic and dry manicures/pedicures and tips to maintain immaculate nails.

  • Violetta

    Eyelash Extension Specialist

    Having worked in the finance industry, Violetta left it to pursue her career in beauty which was a part time hobby. Violetta has become very popular doing cashmere eyelash extensions in classic and 3/6/9 dimension. Her international clients are so addicted to the individual eyelash extensions she does that they specially fly in to see her.

  • Yolanda - RYS Hair and Beauty


    Salon Assistant

    Yolanda has recently joined our team as a salon assistant who has great energy and sociable personality. She is very passionate about styling and wants to develop her skills and train under Yilmaz.

  • Preeti - make up artist RYS


    International Make-up artist and Consultant

    Preeti has been a part of our RYS team for over 2 years and we are proud to have such a renowned leading make-up artist available for weddings, parties, photo shoots and special events for our clients.

    She has been featured in several prestigious publications Elle India, Glamour, Essex Style, Asiana and Asian Woman. Her brushes have stroked the faces of countless celebrities including (the late) Amy Winehouse, Sarah Harding, Taio Cruz, Mr Hudson, Jay Sean, Raghav, Omid Djalili to name just a few.

    Preeti’s in depth consultation with every client allows her to recognise aspects of their individuality and deliver a beautiful, flawless look ensuring it is complementary to the client.

  • Vinnie -


    Semi Permanent Lash Technician

    Vinnie brings over 10 years’ experience having worked and managed one of UK’s leading brow and lash bar in Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and most recently in Notting Hill.

    Specialising in cashmere and silk lashes, Vinnie is in great demand for clients who are addicted to beautiful lashes and also those attending special red carpet events, weddings and other special occasions.

  • Simon


    Simon qualified with a Sport Science degree in 1995 and has been practising Reflexology for over 20 years using a technique called Rho Shur originating from Taiwan. He gained further formal qualification through Phillip Salmon Reflexology School.

    Simon has been working with clients treating stress related illness and those recovering from high blood pressure, poor circulation, fertility issues and clients recovering from major operations, and chemotherapy as Reflexology helps boost the immune system.