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How to

Tong Hair


Prepare Your Tools:

- Gather a curling tong, heat protectant spray, sectioning clips, and a comb.


Prep Your Hair:

- Start with clean, dry hair.
- Apply heat protectant spray evenly to safeguard your hair from damage.


Section Your Hair:

- Use sectioning clips to divide your hair into manageable sections.


Adjust Temperature:

- Set the tong to an appropriate temperature for your hair type.
- Allow the tong to heat up fully.


Start Curling:

- Take a small section of hair and hold the tong near the roots.
- Wrap the hair around the tong, keeping the ends out.
- Hold for a few seconds (time depends on your hair type) and release.


Repeat the Process:

- Work through each section, curling consistently in the same direction.
- Ensure even distribution of curls for a polished look.


Cool Down:

- Let the curls cool before styling further.
- Avoid touching or combing through the curls immediately.


Set the Style:

- Optionally, use hairspray or styling product to set the curls.
- Run fingers through the curls for a more natural appearance.


Finish Up:

- Check for any uneven curls and touch up if needed.
- Style as desired, whether leaving it down or creating an updo.


Maintenance Tips:

- Avoid excessive heat styling to maintain hair health.
- Use deep conditioning treatments regularly to keep your hair nourished.

Remember to be cautious with the heat to prevent damage, and enjoy experimenting with different curling techniques for diverse styles.

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